Who We Are



Reach Recovery is a nonprofit out-patient Christ-centered ministry created to reach, engage, and restore hope to adults and families battling drug and alcohol dependencies.


Our vision is to see a community where adults live free from drug and alcohol dependencies as they achieve, maintain, and lead a permanent lifestyle of sobriety.


We desire for broken men and women, ages 18 and older to become transformed, renewed, and ready to embrace new productive and sober lifestyles. We provide a program guiding individuals on a path that will lead them to a life of fulfillment outside of mind or mood altering chemicals. The goal is to see the chemically dependent set free from the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction once and for all as well as begin a new relational journey with Christ.


We operate differently from traditional recovery programs by placing emphasis on regeneration. We define regeneration as a process possible through God, in which individuals are “made new” in the spirit.  We recognize three levels of recovery – detoxification, rehabilitation, and regeneration.  This can be better correlated respectively as the body, soul, and spirit of a person.

Detox deals with restoring the physical body to health; rehabilitation includes restoring one’s soul (mind, will, and emotions) to health. Stopping at the rehabilitation stage only returns one to their former condition, whereas a new start is needed. This is where the concept and importance of regeneration is crucial in recovery. Regeneration allows the chemically dependent to be inwardly transformed by renewing the mind and the spirit, as opposed to teaching behavioral modification, an outward change. The regeneration process allows the power of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit to break the cycle of addiction. Although we acknowledge a variety of contributing factors to ones addiction, we place emphasis on personal responsibility and moral choice. We address root issues and teach from a Biblical perspective. Please refer to our FAQ page to find out more about the secular vs Christian approach.


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