International Overdose Awareness Day 2018

Pitt County hosted it’s 2nd Annual IOAD (International Overdose Awareness Day) at Boyd Lee Park. Reach Recovery along with almost 20 other vendors encompassed the field at Greenville’s Boyd Lee Park.

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Shine the Light 2018 at Festival Park

At this year’s 2nd Annual Shine the Light event in downtown Washington, NC, Reach Recovery had the opportunity to be a resource vendor. The event was even promoted by WITN. Recovery resources were provided by a number of other organizations including Celebrate Recovery, Craven County’s H.O.P.E., New Life Ministries and others. We encountered many who…

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The Roles of the Enabler & Codependent in Families with Substance Abuse

  Today were going to look at how an Enabler or Co-Dependent plays a very crucial role in an addict’s recovery. Supporting a loved one in recovery comes in many forms. There is one that seems to be rather unpopular and few choose to follow it. The reason we find this principle of high importance…

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Daily Moral Inventory: Relapse Prevention Tool for Substance Abuse

  Today we will be discussing the DMI, also known as the Daily Moral Inventory. It is a tool that helps identify certain attitudes we have expressed throughout the previous day. What is the DMI? The DMI is a tool we recommend and utilize for the one recovering from addiction as week as the family…

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The Bottle Family: A Portrait of a Dysfunctional Family with Substance Abuse – Part 2

The Bottle Family Part 2 Please check out Part 1 in this series if you haven’t done so. In the second part of this series we are going to look at the children and the roles they play in a dysfunctional family. When neither parent functions properly, the children lack the care and attention that they need,…

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The Bottle Family: A Portrait of a Dysfunctional Family with Substance Abuse – Part 1

The Bottle Family Part 1 This is a look at a Portrait of a Dysfunctional Family with Substance abuse and chemical addition to drugs and alcohol. I’m sure the majority of us are familiar with what a dysfunctional family looks like. We are surrounded by them at work, home, or in the media. If it’s not our…

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Relapse Prevention: Overcoming the BUD Part 4

How does one overcome a BUD and prevent relapse? Previously we mentioned the two directions that a BUD can lead someone. The BUD UP or the BUD Down. In between these two directions there is a path know as The Reality Zone. This Zone has four specific ways listed to keep

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Relapse Prevention: BUD Up, BUD Down Part 3

What is meant by BUD Up or BUD Down? A BUD will take a recovering addict in one of two directions. The first direction is the BUD Up, also know as the Fantasy World. The second direction is the BUD Down, better know as the

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Relapse Prevention: Time Factors in the BUD Part 2

  This video is Part 2 on Relapse Prevention for substance abuse. In the last video we introduced you to the BUD syndrome and defined what it is. This video will are discussing the time periods that are experienced in the BUD. WHAT ARE THE TIME PERIODS IN WHICH WE CAN EXPECT TO EXPERIENCE A…

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Controlling Versus Trusting God with Issues Related to Substance Abuse & Codependency

After prayerfully and honestly examining our hearts, we can all admit we like control. We like believing we are controlling the events, time, and even people around us. This is especially true in families with addiction. Family members believe they need to be controlling every aspect of your life, people and circumstances, in order for…

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