We offer a non-residential out-patient program. All referrals that desire to participate will have an initial consultation and intake process followed by an assessment. Participants must demonstrate a commitment to meeting individually with a staff member on a consistent basis as well as commit to attending a small group (temporarily suspended) relevant to their area of need. Implementing this process will increase the likelihood of your success in recovery. Call (252) 375-4573 to set up your consultation or email us at

Family Recovery Track

Chemical addiction starts with one person but eventually involves every member of the family. Statistics show that every addict negatively affects at least seven other people. We offer this program to help family members faced with the issues of substance abuse. These classes are essential in the healing process allowing the family to deal with the presenting problems of anger, rejection, abandonment, and the deep hurt that comes along with the fight against chemical addiction. By providing education and training, the family members receive guidance on how to stop enabling the one battling chemical dependencies. Topics discussed are co-dependency, detachment, forgiveness, wholeness, and reconciliation. 

Regeneration Track
This program deals specifically with the chemically addicted and involves an extensive three-part curriculum consisting of Regeneration, Inner Healing, and Discipleship. The Regeneration track runs simultaneously alongside the Family Recovery track to allow maximum results for the chemically dependent and their family members. Through the Regeneration class Biblical guidance, classroom teaching, and one-on-one accountability sessions are methods used to address the spiritual, emotional, and physical issues involved with overcoming chemical addiction. 

Biblical instruction, classroom teaching, and small groups are methods used to explore the stages of dependency on chemicals as well as what commitments are necessary on the road to recovery. It includes scientific information on chemical dependency as well as insights into the damage done to one’s thinking processes. The lessons are also designed to expose the denial and defense mechanisms that are so prevalent in the addicts life.

We also instruct through Follow The Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery which is a Christian recovery book that describes and promotes 10 Biblical principles for living a clean and sober life. The book takes readers on an experiential journey that results in freedom from addictions that last a lifetime. Authors Jamee Rae Pineda and Sherry Colby share their personal stories and layout the path in which Christians in addiction can fight and win the spiritual battle for their own souls.

The 10 principles within the book have been proven to work in The Solid Rock Road recovery ministry, which started in 2002.

Inner Healing
Lessons in this phase teach that forgiveness is the key to spiritual maturity and that the cross is the focal point for all forgiveness. Trying to forget the past and not taking the proper steps to allow those wounds to heal just cause them to fester and scab, but instead of healing properly and turning in to scars, they are carried throughout a person’s life. We focus on learning how to deal with old hurts and emotional wounds properly so that you can move forward and have a fulfilling life without affecting new relationships. Jesus can heal you fully!

This phase the participant learns to take his/her focus off their addiction and who they used to be and learns to walk in the truth of who God says he/she is. The lessons that are taught in the classroom are meant to challenge faulty belief systems about God and their own personal relationship with Him.

If you or your loved one are in need of a faith-based residential program please see our list of resources for either the Men or Women’s programs we recommend in North Carolina and surrounding states. Or you may click on one of the web banners on the right sidebar to be directly connected a program’s website. While this list is not exhaustive, it does contain the most recent contact information of places we feel follow biblical models of recovery, regeneration, and restoration. We will be happy to assist you or your willing loved one in finding the right place.

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