Substance Abuse Recovery Program – Reach Recovery is a substance abuse recovery program located in Monroe, NC serving Union and Mecklenburg Counties. We offer non-residential (outpatient) community-based recovery support to adults 18 and older who are seeking a faith-based accountable atmosphere. We strive to help individuals and family members, not just cope with their issues but learn to overcome the battles related to chemical addiction through one-on-one sessions, peer-to-peer interactions, Bible studies, relapse prevention, and awareness.

Our services are best utilized as an aftercare recovery program for individuals transitioning from a long term residential facility to ensure one’s continual sobriety in preventing relapse. If someone has not yet entered a long term residential facility, we highly recommend this as the first option. Many times there is a waiting list for these recovery homes so we are glad to work with people prior to attending such a program. Click on the relevant link for the men’s recovery or the women’s recovery. If you prefer to call and ask for a recommendation, please do so.

Support Groups (Temporarily Suspended) – According to the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, there are 2.1 million Americans who have used recovery groups to improve their lives.

Family Recovery – This is offered to the family members of substance abusers. We teach family members how to regain control of their own lives, stop enabling tendencies for the substance abusers, establish and communicate realistic expectations, and to set and implement boundaries in their relationship, all in an effort to restore trust within the family. To learn more about our family recovery program, please visit our programs page.

Blog & Video Awareness Updates – Please be sure to visit and subscribe to our blog and awareness videos on YouTube to get the latest updates on relapse prevention and family recovery.

Member of the AACC – Reach Recovery is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and adhere to their code of ethics.

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