Meet “The Bottle Family”

At this past week’s Family Reach meeting we were introduced to “The Bottle Family”:   Willie (functioning addict),

Whilhelmina (co-dependent spouse),
Daryl (hero do-good-er and workaholic),
Bubba (rebellious scapegoat),
Sissy (love-starved, seeking love in all the wrong places),
Jerry (jolly mascot, class clown),
Martha (caretaker), and
Camille (chameleon, drama queen).

This family is a portrait of a dysfunctional family affected by substance abuse. We looked at each family member and the role they portray.  Each person is acting out according to the hurt suppressed internally. The common denominator for each member illustrates that no one is grounded in their own identity. At Reach Recovery, we believe in order to be secure and deal with family dysfunction in a healthy way, one’s own identity has to be grounded in Christ. We want to not only educate, but reveal and expose the unhealthy behaviors family members trap themselves into performing. We cannot change the chemically addicted, therefore we must change ourselves and learn how we respond to their actions.

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