Mike Sorrentino, “The Situation”, sets an example for seeking Recovery from Prescription Opiate Painkillers

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino sets an example by seeking help to get out of his addiction to opiate prescription painkillers. After suffering from a dancing injury, he encountered back and neck pain. Doctors prescribed opiate painkillers for him to deal with the physical pain.

In a matter of weeks and a few months on the medication, he noticed how he could hardly get out of bed just to shower. It was in that moment he realized that he had a problem and needed to seek help. He knew that if he could not get out of bed, he would also have a problem working and taking care of his responsibilities. He feared that everything would be taken from him. While taking the drugs, Mike wasn’t being himself, not being the best he could be as a person. Even though the painkillers were prescribed by doctors, something went wrong and had to be fixed. He made a decision to seek help and followed through with that decision.

A link to his interview with Fox News can be seen and heard here: Interview with Mike Sorrentino, “The Situation”.

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