Recovered vs Recovering – Alcoholism / Substance Abuse

Recovered vs Recovering – Alcoholism / Substance Abuse.

Sam posted the following in the forum on substance abuse:
” In all the years I drank and was trying to get sober I did not hear anyone mention that an alcoholic could actually recover from alcoholism. Not from a doctor, a counselor or even in AA. I was taught that I would always be in recovery, that I needed to be on guard at all times and not to let my guards down when it came to alcohol. It was a fear based recovery that did not  work or last. I believe “recovered” is achieved through surrender and turning my will to a power greater than myself.”

We appreciate what Sam has posted.  We agree that one can be recovered by turning to a greater power, but that greater power is found in the power of the Holy Spirit. Will-power alone will only last momentarily.

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