The Bottle Family: A Portrait of a Dysfunctional Family with Substance Abuse – Part 1

The Bottle Family Part 1

This is a look at a Portrait of a Dysfunctional Family with Substance abuse and chemical addition to drugs and alcohol. I’m sure the majority of us are familiar with what a dysfunctional family looks like. We are surrounded by them at work, home, or in the media. If it’s not our own, then you probably know someone in a dysfunctional family, right? Today we will be talking about such a family, called The Bottle Family.

The Bottle Family are our portrait of a dysfunctional family affected by substance abuse. In part one we will start off by briefly taking a look at the husband and wife and the role they portray. Each person acts out according to their own hurt suppressed internally.

Willie (addict)

Now Willie’s addiction didn’t happen overnight nor did he plan on becoming an addict. He is actually what we call a functioning addict. He has a job and family. However, he doesn’t admit that he’s got a problem swirling out of control. Others see this problem before he will see it. Although Willie may have started drinking socially he has become dependent on it to control his mood and progressed past the point that it no longer makes him feel good.

When Willie gets high, he leaves his family feeling low. Addiction is evident when the chemical use affects the normal existence of his family. Willie doesn’t believe he is hurting anyone, but in reality his family is suffering. Willie copes with guilt by getting high and blaming others. It is unreasonable to expect Willie to see the problem unless something forces him to look.

Wilhelmina (co-dependent spouse)

She is married to Willie and is the typical co-dependent. She is very loving and faithful to Willie and stuck by him through everything. She believes she can help Willie overcome his problem, but it has not turned out like she hoped.

In her own ability, she protects, shields and rescues Willie from the consequences of his behavior. She will bail him of jail for drunk driving if needed or she hides the fact from her parents or children. She may be lying to Willie’s boss about him being sick because he is really drunk.

Willie is unable to hit bottom because Wilhelmina is always there to cushion his fall.In her efforts to help, she is actually enabling. She becomes obsessed with rescuing her spouse and neglects to take care of herself.

Please watch Part 2 of The Bottle Family: A Portrait of a Dysfunctional Family to learn how the children are also affected by addiction.

Leave us a comment below if you can see where you or someone you love may be playing a co-dependent role.

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  1. Pastor Steven Rowitt

    Where can I purchase the bottle family display figures?

    • This are made by individuals. You can contact Dunklin Memorial Church as they are the originators, but they are not a prop that we are aware can be purchased directly.

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