Vidant Health Forms New Partnership



We wanted to share the good news. Back in July, Reach Recovery was a recipient of the Vidant Community Benefits Grant Program. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Vidant Medical Center for investing back into the community. This will enable us to help provide resources and services that may have otherwise hindered individuals from getting help in the past.

“Vidant Health wants to help people improve their health before they reach the point of having to be hospitalized. That’s why the organization supports the Community Benefit Grants Program by making a substantial annual donation to the Vidant Health Foundation. The Community Benefit Grants Program promotes outreach projects that focus on wellness, disease prevention and management. These programs help to remove transportation and financial barriers by providing services that are accessible to people in their local communities.”

And that’s where we come in. Reach Recovery offers one-on-one counseling services for families and adults personally battling chemical dependency free of charge. However, we do require commitments to ensure that we can help those who have a serious approach to overcoming chemical addiction. We understand how devastating an addiction can be and we want to provide the opportunity to overcome it once and for all. We also help to get those who are chemically addicted through the processes of detox and relocation into long-term treatment usually through a Christ-Centered residential program.

Once again, Thank You Vidant Medical Center!

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