Behind the Scenes

In February 2011, the founder of Reach Recovery, Matt Kornegay was a host at his church’s guest lunch reception. There he found himself seated at a table with seven individuals battling drug and alcohol addictions. While making small talk, the conversation turned into something more serious. The six men became quiet with their ears attentive to the life changing testimony Matt was sharing about his own personal success with recovery. This moment planted a seed of hope in the seven individuals upon hearing how Matt, a former addict, now lives a life of sobriety, free from chemical addictions while functioning in society with a job, a wife, and a promising future. It was this moment along with several other compelling circumstances that presented a platform for a message of hope. This hope and opportunity for recovery is what birthed Reach Recovery. Matt Kornegay knows first-hand that it is possible to live free from drug and alcohol dependencies by the power and help of the Holy Spirit.

After council from local pastors, community businessmen, and a twenty-one day of prayer and fasting for two consecutive years, Matt Kornegay felt God’s leading to start a nonprofit ministry in Pitt County. Along with his wife, they have endeavored to reach, engage, and restore hope to adults battling drug and alcohol dependencies while providing hope to their families.

From May to September 2011, Reach Recovery worked on establishing the organization’s infrastructure along with its initial fundraising efforts. The organization submitted its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws to the State of NC and received approval as a non-profit organization by the NC Secretary of State. Furthermore, the IRS granted Reach Recovery its exemption from Federal Income Tax and classified it as a public charity according to the 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Code. This status allows for all contributions to Reach Recovery to be tax deductible.

The Initial Launch – 2011

Two months later in November 2011, Reach Recovery launched its first program called Family Recovery. This program is a four month series of awareness, prevention, and education classes/workshops designed to help family members of those who suffer with substance abuse. During the first cycle of classes, eighteen adults participated in the program, with twelve of them attending on a regular basis. Through this first cycle, 110 combined hours of classroom session were provided free of charge to the citizens of Pitt Country. 100% of the participants reported an increased education in awareness and prevention as it relates to substance abuse. In the area of application 50% report that they sometimes apply the principles to their own life, while another 50% report that they often apply the principles to their own life. Lastly, 50% report that there was a good overall improvement towards obtaining healthy family relationships, while the remaining 50% report an outstanding overall improvement towards obtaining healthy family relationships.

Program Expansion – 2012

At the start of the second cycle of the Family Recovery track in February 2012, it was decided to split the class and launch another program of the ministry called Regeneration. This program is designed specifically for the recovering substance abuser. Both the Family Recovery and Regeneration track run simultaneously to allow maximum results for the family members and the chemically dependent. Through the Regeneration program Biblical guidance, classroom teaching, small groups, and one-on-one accountability sessions are methods used to address the spiritual, mental, and physical issues involved with chemical addiction. We finished our second year serving 32 participants.

A New Wineskin – 2013

Midway through our third year, we implemented a change in the program’s structure to serve the participants in a more beneficial way. The weekly recovery groups are no longer a stand-alone program, rather one part of the recovery process we offer. Participants that come to our program will have an initial consultation and intake process followed by an assessment. Participant must demonstrate a commitment to meeting individually with a staff member on a consistent basis as well as commit to attending the weekly small group relevant to their area of need.

A New Location – 2014

Reach Recovery now has a place to call home. It’s been three years since our inception and we moved into our own offices. The past few years we were graciously blessed by our local church as they provided space for us to launch this ministry. However, their space has become limited and that has led us to venture into another level of faith. This is a new season for Reach Recovery and we are thrilled about what God has prepared. With the partnership of the Vidant Foundation, this has enable us to be more resourceful and extend the services we currently offer to more individuals.

Serving The Community – 2015 and 2016

We have been at our 315 Evans Street location going on three years. We believe this is a prime location right in the heart of uptown Greenville. God has been faithful and we have seen a number of individuals and families grace our doors. Whether its be through our weekly small groups or our one-on-one counseling sessions, we have seen people set free from the bondage of chemical addiction and families have learned how to help their chemically addicted loved one without enabling them. We pray that God will continue to provide the individuals and resources necessary to serve the community in this way.

The People Behind the Mission

Although Reach Recovery is a relatively young organization, its leaders are no stranger to ministry or nonprofit organizations. Matt Kornegay served five years as co-leader of Driven, a young professionals single’s ministry located in Goldsboro, NC. Prior to that, Matt was a member of the alumni board of PWM in Mt. Olive for two years. He was also responsible for their newsletter communications, graphic design, and some fundraising events.  His wife, Paula Kornegay, has worked as a Christian missionary for fifteen years and an Executive Director for six years in the nonprofit sector. Paula has helped to form two other nonprofits in Greenville, NC that are still successful and in existence today. In 2013, Paula received her Master’s Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling from East Carolina University (ECU). She also holds a BSBA in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship that she received in 1997 from ECU. Both Matt and Paula demonstrate a commitment to serving and helping others who are in need of help. They are commissioned and licensed Christian Ministers of the Gospel by their local church. This endeavor is something they are both passionate about as they reach adults battling drug and alcohol dependencies.

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