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Everyday approximately 108 people die from drug overdose, not including alcohol related deaths.

Substance Abuse is on the Rise – 50% of Americans have a loved one suffering from drug abuse at any given time. That is a startling statistic and one that is so huge, chances are that you may personally know someone who is struggling with a chemical addition right now. Join us in the fight to help those battling chemical addictions by providing support, education, and training to their family members!

• Over 40.7 million Americans abuse alcohol and drugs
 50% of Americans have a loved one suffering from drug abuse at any given time
 The average age of first time use is between 10 and 12 years
• Nearly 6.2 million Americans 12 and older abuse prescription drugs
 An average 38,371 people die from drug overdoses in the US yearly


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$30 will provide hope to a family this week.
$60 will bring restoration to two families this week.
$90 will help three families to stop enabling substance abuse this week.
$120 will sponsor a family for the whole month.


Reach Recovery is a non-profit ministry created to reach, engage, and restore hope to adults battling drug and alcohol dependencies. Our vision is to see a community where adults LIVE FREE from drug and alcohol dependencies as they achieve, maintain, and lead a permanent lifestyle of sobriety obtained through hope found in Christ. We provides a multilevel comprehensive program guiding individuals on a path that will lead them to a life of fulfillment outside of mind or mood altering chemicals.

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