April is Alcohol Awareness Month

What is the most commonly used addictive substance in the US? If your answer is alcohol, you are correct. Alcoholism has certainly been a long-standing problem in the US. An estimated 17.6 million people (1 in every 12 adults) suffer from alcohol abuse. That is why the NCADD – National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence…

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What’s My Story?

“When I was fifteen years old, I began to experiment with drugs and alcohol.  Basically, I was a loaner just looking to be accepted.  Having a group of friends with positive influence was missing in my life. This propelled me to the start socially drinking and using marijuana.  Within a few years, this habit turned…

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Removing the Heart of Stone

In last night’s meeting one of the participants shared how she came to the class with a “hard heart”. After our discussion on wholeness and words of faith shared by others, she quickly repented. Her “heart of stone” was now replaced with a “heart of flesh”. She was touched by the truth of God’s word…

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Tearing Down Walls

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him We all have walls we unintentionally build between our hearts and the manger. What if we tore those walls down this year, and simply adored the Christ child?

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Meet “The Bottle Family”

At this past week’s Family Reach meeting we were introduced to “The Bottle Family”:   Willie (functioning addict), Whilhelmina (co-dependent spouse), Daryl (hero do-good-er and workaholic), Bubba (rebellious scapegoat), Sissy (love-starved, seeking love in all the wrong places), Jerry (jolly mascot, class clown), Martha (caretaker), and Camille (chameleon, drama queen). This family is a portrait of…

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The Bible: On Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Another article produced by CBN on substance abuse.  It list some great scriptures from the Bible about substance abuse and gives a Christian perspective.  Please click the following link to read more – The Bible: On Alcohol and Substance Abuse.

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U.S. Sees Rise in Alcohol, Drug Addicts Over 50

Video report by CBN TV U.S. Sees Rise in Alcohol, Drug Addicts Over 50 – Health & Science – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 – CBN.com.

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Marriage Devastated by Prescription Drug Addiction

Video link below created by CBN. Marriage Devastated by Prescription Drug Addiction – CBN TV – Video. It began when Sean Hughes injured his back and was prescribed pain medication. Soon, he was taking 19 pills a day and his marriage to Jessica was eroding.

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Rx opiate deaths surpass heroin and cocaine combined | Addiction & Recovery News

Rx opiate deaths surpass heroin and cocaine combined | Addiction & Recovery News. According to the above article found at Addiction & Recovery News, “Enough prescription painkillers were prescribed in 2010 to medicate every American adult around-the-clock for a month.” Something certainly needs to change in our society. However, we know that a successful recovery…

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Unhealthy – focusing on the sickest member

We held our first class last night for our Family Reach program.  It was mainly an introduction to chemical dependency where five common denominators were defined among those with chemical dependencies.  One particular question dealt with why is it unhealthy for every member of the family to focus upon the sickest member?  The result becomes…

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