10 Signs of Alcoholism

  When we think of drug problems, we don’t tend to dwell on alcoholism. We think of the many hard drugs that plague our communities, but we don’t consider the shiny can of beer in our grocery store as a drug. Alcohol is

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Substance Abuse & Chemical Addiction is Primary

  When speaking of chemical addiction, one should include the entire field of addiction to drugs. There is no distinction between alcohol, crack, marijuana, heroin, pills or any other drug. Understanding the concept of poly-addiction is helpful during one’s recovery process. Poly means more than one. There are some treatment facilities

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Five Common Denominator of Individuals with Drug Addiction & Alcoholism

Chemical dependency has certain common characteristics in all drug addicts and alcoholics. The abuse of alcohol or drugs will produce these characteristics in individual regardless of age, class of society, religion, intelligence level or geographical location. It does not discriminate. This awareness video was created to help you recognize drug addiction and alcoholism in the…

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Mike Sorrentino, “The Situation”, sets an example for seeking Recovery from Prescription Opiate Painkillers

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino sets an example by seeking help to get out of his addiction to opiate prescription painkillers. After suffering from a dancing injury, he encountered back and neck pain. Doctors prescribed opiate painkillers for him to deal with the physical pain. In a matter of weeks and a few months on the…

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Families Need Recovery When Affected by Substance Abuse

A major proponent to raising awareness is to educate family members for their own need of recovery. Since family members tend to focus all their energy and effort on the person with a chemical addiction such as alcoholism, the family members usually neglect their own needs. In turn, they relinquish control without realizing it and…

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All Things New – My Story of Overcoming Heroin Addiction

There is Hope! Matt Kornegay, Founder of Reach Recovery shares his story of how he overcame his chemical addiction to heroin for 10+ years. His story gives necessary key elements and components that it takes to live a successful and sober life free from drug abuse.

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Homeless, but Hopeful

I came across Jason’s story the other day on Youtube. It’s amazing to hear someone’s story of hope despite their past mistakes and choices. Jason’s story is one that is heart-felt and inspiring. Jason, a former culinary student who still dreams of being a chef – despite hard times on the street. We see how…

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Shocking report shows two in three addicts on methadone still use drugs after three months

TWO thirds of drug users still take illegal substances three months after starting addiction treatment, a shock Government report on methadone has revealed.  Health bosses spend £36million a year dishing out methadone to addicts, and the heroin substitute forms the mainstay of treatment.  But the Report on People in Treatment study reveals that more than…

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The horror of Meth: Before-and-after pictures of users

Caution: Video pictures may be disturbing to some.  They depict real images of people addicted to meth. More than 1 million American’s abuse meth each year. Don’t lose your family and friends to drug addiction. The horror of Meth: Before-and-after pictures reveal shocking transformation in faces of users hooked on deadly drug | Mail Online.

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How to Beat Holiday Stress and Depression

American Association of Christian Counselors » Blog Archive » How to Beat Holiday Stress and Depression. The above link is to the AACC’s blog sharing about the struggles that people go through during the Christmas season. For some people this is a joyful time, but for others, it can be very stressful or even lonely….

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